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HAZELNUTINSHELL HAZELNUT- Inside the hazelnut with its shell surrounding the outside.- 17mm+, 18mm+, 19mm+ sizes.NATURAL HAZELNUT- With the outer shell of the natural hazelnut kernel, whose shell is broken.- Sizes from 9 to 16mm.BLANCHED HAZELNUT- Heat-treated, separated from th..
HAZELNUT CREAM WİTH COCOAIt is produced with carefully selected fresh hazelnuts and high quality cocoa.It does not contain any preservatives and additives that may adversely affect health.FDKKFK01Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa..
HAZELNUT CRUNCH AND CREAM BUTTERFDKEZM01Hazelnut Crunch ButterFDKKRM01Hazelnut Cream Butter..
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